A Guide to Pay Per Call


Pay per call is a modern form of advertising which involves an advertising agency putting up ads on a company’s website, and the company pays the agency for every call that is made by the users who see the ad and click on the call option. This is seen as a way of creating an impression for the company by the marketing agency, and therefore the exposure has to be paid for. The idea behind this strategy is that only interested customers will make the call to the company for reasons of asking about the product and therefore the company has to pay for getting that customer.

The advertising agency makes sure that they place the ads on different platforms where most users tend to visit so that a wider audience is reached and then those who get convinced by the information and details provided in that short ad can be directed on how to make an online call. This model of advertising benefits the customer because as a potential client who is interested in a certain product, you get to communicate with the company offering that product so that you get more clarification about what you are about to buy.  This helps to inform your decision about what product will improve your experience. Contact Ringba Sales here!

 This model also benefits the business because when your potential customers call you, you can have a team of customer care operators on standby who can give directions to the client so that he decides to buy a product that will help him. This kind of service will make the client appreciate the effort made by your company to impress, and he will also make efforts to buy from you. The process will build your relationship with your customers by giving you a chance to interact with them. You will also be paying the advertising agency only for the customers they bring to your company. Learn more about Call Tracking here!

The probability of fraud occurring during these calls is reduced because you only get to interact with genuine clients who are interested in buying your goods. The rates of service required for this kind of advertising might be high, but it is effective in that you will be receiving valuable clients for every call you pay. The duration of the call that you have to pay for is also set to a minute, and therefore it is unlikely that a person with other intentions apart from buying can make such a call.


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