What is Pay-per-call?


Pay-per-call is a model of advertising where the rate which the advertiser pays is determined by the calls which are made by the viewers of an advertisement. Pay-per-call can also be referred to as cost-per-call.

Pay-per-call can be used by advertisers, through generating more phone calls they can increase their reach to campaigns, this will, in turn, add to the development of the business. The other people who can use pay-per-call are marketing agencies. They do this so that they can increase the call traffic that is inbound for their customers. This makes it easier to handle the lead generation and the managing publishers. The other group of people who can use pay-per-call is publishers. Just like they drive online traffic, they can also drive call traffic. Calls can bring leads that are targeted and that are converted easily, therefore making the calls add value. Track your calls now!

Pay-per-call marketing is easily the next big thing in marketing. This is because you can build campaigns which are quite easy to handle and manage. You have complete control over your campaigns, and you can check and see how it is doing and in real time as well. You can simply track all the costs and give tracking numbers (phone) or formulate the terms and conditions for payout.You can earn more money because there is a greater chance for a phone call to result in a sale. You will get commissions that are greater for the calls. Through pay-per-call you will get a far much better return compared to other methods as everyone will opt to invest both their money and time into pay-per-call. Also, there is more lead crediting when it comes to pay-per-call because it will allow for accurate tracking at http://www.ringba.com. This is if the leads do not give you as many commissions as you would like.

Pay-per-call is a very efficient method that assists you to capture the desired audience’s attention. This is because all they have to do is click on your number (phone) and call you so that they may get more information. This way it helps the audiences to avoid the hassle of clicking on different advertisements and pages to get access to your page which will then require them to fill a form. It makes the audience’s job easier as they will not have to go through the troubles of filling forms or looking for pages or clicking on advertisements.


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